A Fresh Morning Starter.

Morning view picture of countryside, taken by myself.

I’ve tried various types of sports such as weight lifting, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and running. Of the many sports I tried, each of them gave final results that could not be compared to each other.

The last week in March 2022 I tried to add new activities, take a morning walk. On the first day, I just managed to do it along 1 kilometer, on the seventh day, I was able to finish 4 kilometers. It’s extraordinary progress for me.

Apart from the morning walking progress, I can also feel many things when going out in the morning to walk. Because I live in the countryside close to the volcano, cold air always stabs, but soon it will be warm when the morning sun starts to rise. While walking, I can enjoy a lot of birds flying, a green stretch of rice fields that look fresh, as well as river water splashy. My whole body instead felt extraordinary in peace, fresh, and warm.

Rice fields, volcanoes, and blue sky taken by myself.

Among all the types of sports I have tried, the morning walks are light sports that for me are the most enjoyable. If I’m bored with the usual morning street routes, I can choose to replace them with other routes where I will find other experiences such as meeting and greeting people in the countryside, looking at the flower garden in one of the well-treated houses and seeing old buildings that are still firm.

Starting the day in the morning should have been fit, as I felt after understanding how nice and enjoying the streets every morning. Interacting with what the universe has provided instantly reminded me that I have the right to live with gratitude for every peace that can be enjoyed.

Hopefully, you can also find peace in the morning to start your day according to your version, the readers!



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Aline & Her #philocalist Stories.

Aline & Her #philocalist Stories.

A beginner writer and survivor who trying to live life every minute. I am sharing my life portfolios here with a heart full of gratitude. Happy reading! ❤️😊