Hope, Love, and Trust.

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If there was such a thing as parallel worlds, maybe I’d try once to go back to when I was 8 years old. One of the bad memories that happened to me was that I was got sexually harassed by one of the teachers for about 2 weeks. As a kid who didn’t understand what sexual harassment was, I told my friends what the teacher did to make sure they were getting the same treatment. It turned out that only me and one of my female friends got that treatment and because of my story, I got bullied by many people over the years and thought I was a liar, and until now the teacher is still living well, has not received any punishment.

If it could come back to me when I was 8 years old, I would like to change the place where I should go to school.

I would tell my mother that I wanted to study elsewhere. But if I can’t do that, I’ll tell myself as a child, I’ll hug her tightly and say I’m very grateful to her, for the strength to be able to endure when the situation gets worse. I will be grateful that even in bad situations, I was a child and did not retaliate and revenge with circumstances.

I’ll invite myself when I was a child to say thanks together about the bad life journey at that time, full of traumas, depression, fear, and anxiety, even if it was really hard to cope, even so, many times I need to seek a psychiatrist or psychologist, it keeps brought me to be a person full of love and compassion for others. From painful experiences, I grew into a person who has a lot of feelings for forgiveness and easily gives help to others. If it wasn’t my role as a child to survive, perhaps the meaning of “to live to be a good person” would not be fully understood by me.

Since I haven’t found a parallel world for me to go back to then, so I will say now, thank you for providing a strong defense, when I was a child. Many times crying, bleeding, afraid and anxious about life, but you still choose to live a better life, day by day. Thank you very much!



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Aline & Her #philocalist Stories.

Aline & Her #philocalist Stories.

A beginner writer and survivor who trying to live life every minute. I am sharing my life portfolios here with a heart full of gratitude. Happy reading! ❤️😊