The Joy of Being in Mediocrity: Self Opinion.

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4 min readMay 25, 2022
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One day, I saw the achievements of one of the most famous person in the country where I live. She is a singer, and songwriter, as well as one of the person who have completed her education at the master’s level at one of the Ivy League universities. I observed her journey — which might be considered a material success — was prepared quite well in the previous years, accompanied by the support of parents who were willing to understand educational developments. Many people assume that she has privileges such as being born into a well-to-do family, having her income as a famous person, having lots of access to study without worrying about costs, and so on. Including me, I also think about it. I could conclude that I was looking at a dazzling bright light and this bright light made me envious, I subconsciously wanted the bright light — or to be that bright light.

Moments later, I read one of my favorite Instagram influencer posts. He writes about mediocrity and he reminds us all — the readers — this is not a problem at all. It doesn’t matter if we are not experts in various fields. It doesn’t matter if we can only do 1 field. It doesn’t matter if we just become ordinary people who continue to live like everyone else. I contemplated the article for a moment and I got the words that everyone already has their plate which can be filled as desired with some difficulties and eases of each.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

My thinking changed, at first, I only saw a dazzling bright light, now I see more deeply than before the light burns to become very bright, there is a struggle that neither I nor we all know like how long it takes her to collect the candles so that it becomes a bright light or who would have thought that the light was hot enough for her to deal with every day so that there was no room for her to enjoy the dim romance. After that, she faced many laps of moral responsibility. Because she is an influential person and what she says may be used as a living reference for others, she must be able to choose and sort out her ways to inspire others.

“High achievements, always accompanied by extraordinary hard work and fatigue, end with a lot of responsibilities. Especially if you are a known person, inevitably the role will be present.”

Two phenomena made me realize instantly. I am currently a mediocre person, there is no achievement that I can show and be proud of. I’m working hard on it right now in this journey of life, focusing on my plate and what I’m going to do with the plate I still have.

After all, right now, all this time, I’ve been living well. Maybe it’s just me who has not been able to fully interpret the small achievements. Like still living a healthy life, surrounded by an abundance of goodness, being able to enjoy delicious and simple food without worrying about being chased by time with further responsibilities, and many other small achievements that deserve to be appreciated as big as big achievements.

Really, after fully realizing, that being a mediocre person was okay. Instead, we have plenty of time to express ourselves, choose something to learn, and do something good, without thinking that it will dim the already bright light. This does not mean that being a mediocre person is the same as surrendering to the way life is. Instead of being a mediocre person, it can make us feel moments of real small happiness with full awareness.

During this time we are very busy with many things such as a prestigious jobs, an elegant family, and other social life which indirectly instills the standard that the individual’s life should be at that point. So we need to pursue it accompanied by the fear that we will not be able to live well if we do not reach the social standards that seem to have been determined.

Why not set your social standards according to your abilities?
Why not decide how to form bright of light for yourself instead of being busy seeing the light of others?

Realized that everyone’s starting point is different, so there is nothing to compare and use as a reference.

Why is that?
Because it is proper for yourself to start being given good value, and the best appreciation for yourself while understanding that a shining life is not a privilege. Privilege is life itself. Be truly alive.

Focus on improving yourself, for yourself. Because you are the key to success. Because you can be a bright light according to the abilities you already have.
Whatever is in yourself, everything is valuable.

“Being mediocre is okay and joyful.”



Aline & Her #philocalist Stories.

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