The Power of Conscious Feelings in Grief.

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3 min readApr 16, 2022


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This morning, I woke up from a sleep that wasn’t good enough last night because I was grieving — one of my co-workers, best friends and good people I knew had just passed away and I was only able to visit him exactly the day after he was buried, which is today.

But I feel different today. Even though I didn’t sleep well the night before, this morning I feel refreshed and full of energy to start the day. Shortly after I prayed in the morning, I sat for a while facing the open window and felt the morning air gently greet me while giving some answers to my questions this morning.

Why am I so excited to start the day this morning, when yesterday I cried and was very sad?

I feel that God and the universe have greeted me since yesterday. I was allowed to fully feel the grief, let go of the feeling of loss, cry real tears and enjoy the memories of that good person that always pass through my mind. Finally, I can fully understand that those who come will go, those who meet will part, and those who smile will cry in time. All these components are components with a single unit that cannot be separated.
After yesterday I felt deep sorrow and pain, this morning I realized that there is one other component that will give meaning that whatever is lost and separated, will always leave a trace, namely: memories.
After yesterday’s deep sorrow, today I can feel more grateful that I’ve met such a good person. As a form of appreciation to him who had lived and gave good meaning to us when we were together, I decided to write him a letter.

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A love letter, for those of you who have continued to live in a different dimension.

To you, good person.
Thank you for coming to this good life. Thank you for your efforts to be a light for whatever path the universe and its contents go through.
Your body has to unite with the earth and return to the Owner of eternal life.
But you will not be forgotten.
Memories of you, memories of how beautifully carved your kindness were, remain and are just as eternal here.
In my heart, our heart, their heart.
I, we, they, must be crying over this wound. The wound is quaint because we have to accept that we can no longer joke, tell stories about the journey, and be grateful for every invisible ink stroke from Him.
My highest thanks I say, to you who have finished painting a good life.
Let me reminisce and grasp every other side of life, where there was a good story about you.
And, let me tell you about you again, about the good you have left here.
So that your goodwill lives long without stopping.
May God the Good, give you the Best love, in His arms.

Once again, thank you..”

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This morning I learned that grief is not completely painful. It’s okay to enjoy sorrow while moving on with life and continuing goodness. In time this self can make peace, make complete peace and remember that there are traces of good memories from those who can no longer be together and meet in this world.

I hope you can feel the same, readers!



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